Alivox is Latin for "other voice", and this Web site serves as a forum for my unpopular or eccentric opinions. Not all of my opinions are unpopular or eccentric, but I feel no urge to add my voice in support of received wisdom.

My primary motive in publishing my philosophies is personal. The effort I've put into expressing myself has helped me clarify my thoughts, and I can now refer people to these pages to save myself some breath and to present my ideas in their most cogent form. I have few illusions that you, the reader, will find any of my diatribes convincing. But if I make a point or two that resonates with your concerns, perhaps you will find some value in my efforts.

I've tried to keep it entertaining, since I can't offer much more reward than amusement. But most of these topics are ones for which I feel some passion. After all, if I don't care enough to rant, what's the point?

If you disagree with me, you have three alternatives to express yourself. You can stop reading and badmouth me to your friends; you can email me with your comments and suggestions; and/or you can build your own Web site with your own opinions.

You may have noticed that my name doesn't appear on the site, and I have tried to strip away revealing information. This moderate anonymity is intended not to protect me from the lynch mobs - after all, the Web is full of flaming invective - but to move the focus away from me personally towards my ideas. I would like to win your respect as a thoughtful commentator of the current scene, not just another bitter loser. Maybe that's optimistic.

Be that as it may, I hope you enjoy reading Alivox, and will send your friends my way.

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