Love and Shopping

Ladies, imagine that you've been saving up for a new dress. On the one hand, you can already picture yourself in it, and the admiration you'll get from friends and strangers alike. On the other hand, you're also enjoying the feeling of potential that you get from being able to consider and reject so many options, and you're determined not to settle for the first acceptable dress you see. After all, you've been saving up for a while, and you can't be buying new dresses every couple of weeks, so you want to take your time and make a good choice. Most important, you don't want to be disappointed!

So you're picky, maybe even a little too picky. A couple of times, you've seen a dress that you liked, but not quite as much as you hope, so you've left it on the rack, only to feel later on that maybe, that was the right dress after all, especially after seeing someone else look good in it. And of course there are dresses you'd love to have but can't afford, and it's hard not to let them raise your expectations beyond your means.

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